Set the numbers of Points and the amplitude of initial conditions, drag the mouse in the black area choosing your starting color then drop and let the system evolving.

Use Orbit to increase orbit's amplitude
Use Points to increase points' number
Push + or * to increase speed
Push - or / to decrease speed
Push P to stop the evolution
Push R to restart the evolution


A grid of colors follows the evolution of a dynamic system (Lorenz Attractor): each initial condition (x,y,z) in the Lorenz Space matches the color tone (RGB space) of each square of the grid. Due to the " sensitive dependence on the initial condition", quickly the system evolves into (un)determined chaos.

This applet has been developed under the supervision of Laura Tedeschini Lalli and the help of Gian Marco Todesco in 1999 as an assignement for a super inspiring class at the school of architecture in Rome.

Sometimes the deep abstraction of mathematical knowledge can be unfolded by choosing another gaze... the other way around is true as well?

Project by:

Daniele Mancini (the man of imagination), Gian Marco Todesco (the man of logic), Laura Tedeschini Lalli (the man of vision), 1999



Paul Klee, 1918


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